Jewish Mementos in the Zala Comitatus

Jewish Zalaszántó

Jews started living here at the end of the 18th century, in 1870 their number reached its peak of 60 people. In 1941 26 Israelites were recorded in Zalaszántó and 6 were qualified as Jews. The census of Jews conducted by the district notary on April 8, 1944 counted 27 persons. Whereas, according to the May 28 census of inhabitants of the Keszthely ghetto only 26 were from Zalaszántó and the list of Jews deported from there to Zalaegerszeg recorded only 24 Jews from Zalaszántó. On May 26 the district notary’s office reported to the Sopron Chamber of Commerce and Trade and to the head judge the closing of two Jewish businesses and the repossession of the inventory.

The Jewish cemetery lies by a small forest close to the town. The World War II memorial there holds the names of the Jewish victims from Zalaszántó. It was donated by the foundation for local history. Following the names there is a quote from a poem by Dezső Keresztury: “Their sacrifice is not the legal title of disgrace. It is a command to the good.”

by Johannes Scholem Graf & Alexandra Vogt