Jewish Mementos in the Zala Comitatus

Jewish Karmacs

Jews first began to settle here in the beginning of the 1750s. The most Jews lived here in 1870, 83 persons in total. 19 Israelites and 1 person qualified as a Jew were recorded in Karmacs in 1941, On April 9, 1944 the district notary of Karmacs counted 17 Jewish persons. The register of names of the Kesthely ghetto recorded the same number on May 26. The list of Jews deported to Zalaegerszeg only has 14 names from Karmacs. The district notary ordered the items left behind by the Jews to be sorttd into 33 packages which had a total value of 2154 Pengő. The people who laid claims on the Jewish possessions were assigned the numbers 1 through 33 by lot and thus the packages were distributed. The Jewish cemetery lies in a patch of trees by the crossroads from where to road to Sümegbeginss, it is surrounded by a stone wall and well looked after, even the tombstones made of sandstone are in relatively good condition.

by Johannes Scholem Graf & Alexandra Vogt