Jewish Mementos in the Zala Comitatus

Jewish Garabonc

Close to the creek flowing through the centre of the village and the country road a fenced memorial of artificial stone commemorates the Weszely couple, Vilmos Weszely (1877-1942) and his wife Szidónia Weisz (1880-1938), as well as 8 other martyrs murdered in Auschwitz (József Weszely, Józsefné Weszely, Sárika Weszely, László Weszely, Sámuelné Müller, Gézáné Horváth, Ferencné Weszely and Annuska Weszely). In the small cemetery behind the memorial only one tombstone is to be found, the inscription, nowadays hard to decipher, reads: “Here lie Márton Brust who lived 2 years, Jenő, Matild. Peace to their ashes.”

by Johannes Scholem Graf & Alexandra Vogt