Memorials of Jews outside of the Jewish communities

Most of the Jews in Burgenland were part of the Eszterázy “Sieben-Gemeinden” and the Batthyány communities of Rechnitz, Schlaining and Güssing. But many also lived in the surrounding communities. Only few memorials now mark their existence.


A plaque on the war memorial in Neudorf by Parndorf recalls the Jewish citizens of that area, it was inaugurated on October 22, 2005.

Bad Sauerbrunn

Until 1938 many Jews also lived in the famous health resort of Bad Sauerbrunn. The tombstones of the local cemetery testify to their existence.


In Großpetersdorf there were Jews who were part of the religious community of Schlaining and then Oberwart. The premises of the former cemetery was sold and only in October of 2003 a memorial was erected.

by Johannes Scholem Graf Helped in editing: Yohanan Loeffler