Jewish mementos in Györ-Moson-Sopron Comitatus


Old Synagogue, Paprét (parish lawns)

The orthodox synagogue was built according to the designs of János Schiller during the first half of the 1890s. The building is kept in historical style, the entrance in the middle is emphasized by an oriental dome.

In the inner room cast-iron columns hold the women’s gallery. Those members of the Jewish community of Sopron who returned from the deportation maintained the prayer house for a little while after 1945. However, as of 1956 it no longer serves its original function. The synagogue building which has been placed under a preservation order was purchased by the Sopron city council in August of 2005. An exhibition space for modern artists is to be offered here.

After more than eighty years many people have been working in the background give a dignified function to the building. Slowly the face of the Paprét is changing. The process could probably be sped up if the renovation of the synagogue could be implemented as planned. The building which is property of the city council awaits restoration. The head of the Jewish community has already negotiated with the mayor who is in favor of the renovation, both have agreed to give the building a cultural function and to give the Jewish community authority over the prayer hall. A foundation for the support of the reconstruction has been established and first backup is secured. Now a construction has to be drawn up that is acceptable for both the Jewish community and the city, as the synagogue is of communal value to all of Sopron.

by Johannes Scholem Graf & Alexandra Vogt