Jewish mementos in Györ-Moson-Sopron Comitatus



 In Pannonhalma the Jewish cemetery covers an area of a little less than two building plots and for a long time was not accessible at all. It was covered with weeds. This way nature prevented the fallen tombstones from grieving the living... In 2004 the Jewish community of Györ, the association of Jewish communities in Hungary and the Pannonhalma city council joined forces to renew the cemetery. Acquaintances and relatives came for near places and far away countries to kneel down before those resting here. In his commemorative address head abbot Asztrik Várszegi paid tribute to the humanity of his predecessor Krizosztom Kelemen and of Lajos Torda whose names are kept at the Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem. Shortly before the renovation of the cemetery he had been to Jerusalem and had prayed by the Wailing Wall and asked forgiveness for the crimes of Christianity.

A few years ago a some Tora scrolls were found here as well, it is not know who hid them there.

by Johannes Scholem Graf & Alexandra Vogt