Jewish mementos in Györ-Moson-Sopron Comitatus


Jews started settling in Fertöszentmiklós during the second half of the 18th century. Their exact number is uncertain, but it is known that they traded grains, wood, leather and other goods. Even egg merchants, silkworm growers and accountants were among them. They built a synagogue for themselves which nowadays only exists on postcards, there are no other traces left of the building.

According to a statement from 1934 26 Jewish children went to the Catholic school. A the beginning of the Second World War there were 70-90 Jews living in Fertöszentmiklós. Apart from a few exceptions all of them were deported and only a few returned from the deportation.


The Jewish cemetery in Fertöszentmiklós was built during the second half of the 18th century. Today there are only 34 tombstones there. Many marble tombstones were stolen by people in the area. After the renovation too, many tombstones have been damaged. In 1994 the cemetery was reconstructed with the help of the Hit Gyülekezete organization (community of faith) and with the support of the local government and the population.

by Johannes Scholem Graf & Alexandra Vogt