Today: No bananas!

It was a grey October morning, close to 9 a.m., when Elfie was on her way to the office. She stepped onto the main street and was quite astonished about the fact that all parking lots were occupied. She hurried to the post office to pick up her mails, bought a coffee at the diner around the corner and something to eat. Elfie felt ready to start the day.
The first two points on the agenda were fulfilled. When she returned back onto the main street she realized that almost all parked cars had Hungarian license plates. This was kind of strange, what had happened that night? Was Eisenstadt under Hungarian power again? Her drowsy brain made her completely baffled. Had last night really been that short so she was still lost in her dreams?

She entered the grocery store and went to the fruit section.

No bananas!

This seemed to be no problem, having the next store only a few steps away. Over there was the deli counter first and the vegetable and fruit section close to the register. Because there were no rolls left, which was not unusual, she took the whole wheat ones. But at the fruit section again:

No bananas!

At the register Elfie told the cashier about being already in the second grocery store with no bananas available. The cashier answered her that they already had ordered a new delivery of bananas from Vienna. In fact there were no bananas left in Eisenstadt since 8.30 in the morning. There was a national holiday in Hungary and the Hungarians were on a shopping trip all morning.

This made Elfie to burst out laughing. She recalled the time when all the people from the Burgenland invaded Sopron and bought the last piece salami and the last bottle of sparkling wine and pounds of cheese and stormed the hairdresserís salon.

Now this was the revenge of the Hungarians and they bought all bananas available.

On October 23rd 1988.

by Elfie Resch